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Hsin Wen Hsu

Hsin Wen Hsu

I.  Procurement affairs

1.  Procurement from the Central Trust of China

2.  Procurement of books

3.  Consultation of the related procurement affairs

4.  Tax exemption letters to foreign countries and customs declaration affairs

II.  General affairs

1.  Related management, comprehensive checking, scrapping and transfer affairs of properties and equipment

2.  Borrowing and maintenance of electronic equipment

3.  Daily classroom borrowing and maintenance of online system

4.  Review and approval of classroom borrowing by other departments, charging and issue of receipts

5.  Maintenance of the equipment and supplies of courses

6.  Management and maintenance of shared hardware and servers

7.  Management of network equipment and connection

III.  Laboratory management

1.  Maintenance and management of shared laboratory system

2.  Management of shared laboratory instruments and devices

3.  Public security management of laboratory

4.  Issue of receipts

5.  Management of green energy and resources

IV.  Space management

1.  Management of faculty research offices, laboratories and other space

2.  Space charging management

V.Student grants  

1.Application for funds for part-time Teaching Assistants (labor and learning type)

2.Tassel turning ceremony of the Department of Photonics


1.  News memo of the College of Engineering

2.  Application for parking permit

3.  Management of the website of the Department Office

4.  Management of the printer’s information

5.  IP management

6.  Address book


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