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Yi wen Wang

Yi wen Wang
I.  Curricular affairs (Bachelor’s Program)
1.  Opening, addition and change of course, and classroom arrangement
2.  Maintenance of course outlines
II.  Students’ affairs (Bachelor’s Program)
1.  Maintenance of Admissions Guide (for students of Four-Year Institute of Technology and Two-Year Junior College)
2.  Entrance examination and check-in
3.  Transfer of major, transfer of university, second major
4.  Application for admission to Five-Year Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree System
5.  Research program students of the Department of Photonics
6.  Formulation of Bachelor’s Program Completion Methods
7.  Informal discussion meetings at the beginning and the end of semester
8.  Related affairs of graduation
9.Encouragement and rewards for students of the Department of Photonics with papers published
10. Students’ application for different kinds of scholarship
11. Survey of comments on teaching
12. Christmas party
13.Photonics Camp 
III.  Faculty rewards
1.  Rewards for faculty with papers published on academic journals and periodicals (SCIE, SSCI, AHCI, TSSCI)
2.  Compilation of the information of faculty research results
3.  Applications for other faculty rewards
4.  Holding of annual exhibition of research results
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