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Chun Yan Su

Chun Yan Su

I.  Administrative affairs

1.  Handling of official documents of the Department Office

2.  Arrangement and records of the schedule (in the University) of the Chair

3.  Departmental affairs meeting

4.  Fund management of the Department Office

5.  Statistics on the Department Office’s expenses for use of resources

II.  Faculty affairs

1.  Faculty promotion

2.  Faculty employment

3.  Faculty leave

4.  Extension of faculty tenure

5.  Faculty evaluation

6.  Student teachers

7.  Affairs relating to teaching and cultivation plan

8.  Application for different lectures and outstanding faculty in the University

9.  Outstanding Research Award and Young Scholar Award

III.  Curricular affairs (Graduate Institute)

1.  Opening, addition and change of course, and classroom arrangement

2.  Maintenance of course outlines

3.  Survey of comments on teaching

4.  Seminars

IV.  Student affairs (Graduate Institute)

1.  Maintenance of Admission Guide for Master’s and Ph.D. Programs (for overseas Chinese, Mainland Chinese and foreign students)

2.  Freshmen check-in and postgraduate advisor affairs

3.  Entrance examination for admission to Master’s and Ph.D. Programs, and postgraduate check-in affairs

4.  Formulation of Guidelines for Completion of Master’s and Ph.D. Program

5.  Informal discussion meetings at the beginning and the end of semester

V.  Graduation affairs (Graduate Institute)

1.  Graduation eligibility review

2.  Graduates' departure affairs

3.  Ph.D. Candidate Qualifying Examination

4.  Review of eligibility for graduation, oral defense of master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation, and application for funds

5.  Maintenance of the alumni employment tracking system

VI.  Programs of Ministry of Science and Technology and industry-academia collaboration programs

1.  Application for the programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology

2.  Affairs concerning students of the Ministry of Science and Technology research programs

3.  Enquiry window for funds of the Ministry of Science and Technology

4.  Application for conference grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology, for the graduate students attending the international conferences

5.  Agreement signing for industry-academia collaboration program and application for funds

6.  Application for focused support

VII.  Maintenance of information for certification and indicator system

1.  Evaluation by the Ministry of Education

2.  Maintenance of the information of the University’s database and indicator system for the Ministry of Education

3.  Maintenance of the information of the University affairs outline indicator system

4.  Completion of the annual questionnaires of the Ministry of Science and Technology/Ministry of Education

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